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Do You Really OWN IT?

There are people who want to be helped and there are people who don’t. That’s just the way it is. I totally get that. I can’t help everyone to OWN IT; Own their decisions, own their mistakes and most importantly OWN THEIR FUTURE,  because Not Everyone Wants To Be Helped. Some people are content drowning […]

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No Soul Mate Required

Today’s post is inspired by a friend’s comment on Facebook about not needing a soul mate or relying on chemistry to build a relationship. She’s glad that she was chosen by her husband, that he didn’t have some irresistible, chemical urge to have to have her, but that he made a conscious decision to pursue […]

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First Time Fears

You’ve got your pre-approval, now the fear really sets in…or does it? Don’t be scared. Make informed, calculated decisions and be proud of your progress.  Seek support for the questions you need answered, find yourself a mentor, a professional or a supportive, experienced friend, who has had success with property. There are so many different […]

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