Buyers Agent specialising in sourcing the best Investment Property for YOU - Southern Highlands and surrounds.

Let's buy your next property together.  

Independent Southern Highlands Buyers Agent offering a truly personalised, property buying service in the Highlands and beyond.  I work for you, as the Buyer. Given my extensive experience in managing investment properties on behalf of Landlords, I know exactly what it takes to find the ideal investment property with great returns, excellent growth and zero headaches.  

When you choose to work with me as your professional Buyers Agent, I will deliver you a stress free purchase with a package designed to meet your goals, your lifestyle and your budget. 

In order to serve my amazing clients to the highest standards, I only work with  limited number of clients at the same time.  This means I often have a waiting list.  If you would like to join the waiting list to work with me, you can do so, without any obligation, by clicking here

Why use a Buyers Agent?

Why work with Me?

Tonia Krebs Buyers Agent

Tonia Krebs - Buyers Agent

As a successful Buyers Agent with millions of dollars of purchases to my name, I work with property buyers who want to:

• Make a stress free and painless property purchase
• Be informed about the local market they’re buying into
• Say goodbye to procrastination and fear.

I know it’s so much easier with a Buyers Agent on your side. You’ll save yourself precious time, eliminate stress, buy a great deal and feel so much better about making such a big investment.

After spending over a decade running a large regional property management department, as well as owning more than a few investment properties myself and now having spent years as a Buyers Agent and Property Coach, while still dabbling in my own high growth investments, it’s fair to say I am highly experienced in the property market.

Put simply, my clients get a great property without the usual hassles.

When you work with me you get access to a fully licensed Real Estate Agent, on your side. I share with you everything I know about researching markets, residential property and negotiating the best deal.  I am your advocate. 

As we work together I’ll absolutely listen to your needs and understand your goals. I guarantee to keep you constantly updated and informed and to make sure you’re feeling good about each step we take.

Enquire about working with me here.  

Southern Highlands and Surrounds

While the Southern Highlands is my main focus, I also have very easy access to and good relationships with many agents in surrounding areas.

Full or partial service with a package designed for YOU

Whether you want a full service package including search, inspect, research, report and negotiate, right through to the settlement inspection,  or you just want independent advice on a property you've already found, let's design a package to suit your lifestyle, your goals  and your budget.

What are your property goals for this purchase?

I can help secure you:

Your first home
Your next family home
A holiday house
An investment property
A renovation to keep or flip
Even a new build or House and Land

All the time, making sure you make good decisions for a sound investment - even if it's your family home. 

Simple and Easy.

Benefits of using a Buyers Agent

Of course you could do all of this yourself. Most buyers do. If you have plenty of time, you might even enjoy the process. If you don't have much time, consider that I might have inspected 30 + properties before finding the ones I think most closely match your needs. If time allows, I will then conduct a second inspection of the short listed properties, before inviting you to inspect the pick of the bunch.

Yes, engaging a Buyers Agent is an expense you might not have previously considered, but think of it this way... In the time you've been thinking about buying or procrastinating or searching and not finding what you're after - how much has the market moved and how much has that cost you? A hefty sum no doubt, and definitely more than my professional fee.

The use of Buyers Agents in Australia is growing rapidly as everyone becomes more time poor. It's obvious that if you as a buyer have an experienced agent on YOUR side, you're playing a more evenly matched game. Without a Buyers Agent, it's you against the professional real estate agent, who's likely to be skilled in negotiating, with a huge bank of local market knowledge. As your 100% independent, local Southern Highlands Buyers Agent I possess equal knowledge and will advocate only for you and your best interests.

What Happy Clients say About Working with Tonia

Utilising Tonia as a Buyers Agent is the best property related decision I have made to date.  Having procrastinated for 18 months, Tonia guided me through a thorough process which resulted in the perfect purchase within 3 weeks.  Tonia’s professionalism and years of experience in dealing with Real Estate agents was invaluable and I recommend her highly. 

S Talman

SMSF Investor

Hi Tonia, thanks to you in less than 30 days I will have the keys to my first investment property, wow can't believe how easy it is, will be looking to get another in 6 months, this is so much fun and there is nothing to have to do to the place and a tenant is ready to move in feel like it couldn't be better, very happy thank you so very much.  I don't think I would have even considered going ahead and buying property if I hadn't come across you.  I feel on top of the world right now.

R Walker



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