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Tonia Krebs - Buyers Agent


I’m Tonia Krebs and I work with aspiring property buyers who are serious about saving time and energy and are keen to never deal with dodgy real estate agents again!

As a successful Buyers Agent with millions of dollars of purchases under my belt, I work with property buyers who want to:

• Make a stress free and painless investment property purchase

• Be informed about the market they’re buying into

• Say goodbye to procrastination and fear

• Look at their property, feel huge pride and think “Geez that was a great buy!”

I know it’s so much easier with a Buyers Agent on your side. Because when you buy well, you’ll save yourself stress, buy a great deal and feel so much better about making such a big investment.

After spending over a decade as Senior Property Manager running a large regional property management department, as well as having owned more than a few investment properties myself and now having spent years as a Buyer Agent and Investor Coach and still dabbling in Property Management, it’s fair to say I know and thing or two about property.

Put simply, my clients get a great property without the usual hassles.

When you work with me you get access to a fully licensed Real Estate Buyers Agent, on your side. I share with you everything I know about researching markets, residential property and negotiating the best deal.

As we work together I’ll absolutely listen to your needs and understand your goals. I guarantee to keep you constantly updated and informed and to make sure you’re feeling good about each step we take.

What is a Buyers Agent and why would I need one?

We often expect that a Real Estate Agent will look after both the buyer and the seller and this is true up to a point, especially if you’re lucky enough to find a good one.

See, the Selling Agent’s job is to sell the property for the most money in the shortest time possible. They will communicate with you and help as much as they can, but they’re paid by the seller (or vendor) so should be putting their priorities above yours.

What this means for the buyer is that you technically have nobody on your side. Nobody to help you negotiate, to understand the terms and to buy under the best conditions.

Yes you do. You have ME. Your Southern Highlands Buyers Agent, Tonia Krebs.

When you don’t know where to start and you know you want to get into property but aren’t even sure which style of investment might suit you, let’s talk.

When you don’t want to have to deal with dodgy agents and spend your precious weekends going from open house to open house, then don’t! Leave it to me.

When you don’t know what you don’t know, so have no idea what makes a good investment and what doesn’t, don’t ask the agent SELLING you the property. Ask someone totally independent, who has no conflict of interest in the property and ask me, your totally 100% independent Buyers Agent.

When you think you’ve found an ideal property and are making a good decision, but would love a neutral second opinion, I’ll give you my professional opinion, in a comprehensive report showing you what matters and what doesn’t, when it comes to buying the RIGHT property in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT price.

My area of expertise as a Buyers Agent is in the Southern Highlands of NSW and surrounds. I generally cover the area from Campbelltown in the south west of Sydney, down to Young in the west and Queanbeyan, as well as the Illawarra and South Coast and all areas in between. If you’re not sure, just ask me and if I can’t help you, I’ll put you in touch with a buyers agent who can.

Questions?  I have answers!  Let's chat.  

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Experience Real Estate Professional and a Profitable Investor

Having started my Real Estate career as a Property Manager, more than 20 years ago, I know what makes a great investment. It's often much simpler than you think!  I have bought and sold many of my own properties and currently hold 4 properties, with varying profit methods and all with excellent returns. 


  • You might know exactly what you're looking for or you might have no idea.
  • I'll understand your needs and research the market to find the best match.
  • Region, suburb, street, property.


  • I'll shortlist and arrange inspections on your behalf.  I might attend 2 or I might attend 20.
  • If you're keen, we can do a virtual walk through together, thanks to the wonders of technology.
  • I know what makes a great investment property.  That's what we'll focus on.  Nothing else! 


  • From my in depth research, we'll know what the property's worth and how it 'should' perform in the future.  Crystal ball, anyone? 
  • I might be an Agent, but I've also have a communication degree and extensive studies in psychology, so, negotiation is the fun part.
  • I always aim to buy at the best price for the market.  Always acting on your instructions and keeping you focused and informed, every step of the way. 

Real Success Stories

Utilising Tonia as a Buyers Agent is the best property related decision I have made to date.  Having procrastinated for 18months, Tonia guided me through a thorough process which resulted in the perfect purchase within 3 weeks.  Tonia’s professionalism and years of experience in dealing with Real Estate agents was invaluable and I recommend her highly. 

Sandra T

SMSF Investor

Hi Tonia, thanks to you in less than 30 days I will have the keys to my first investment property.  Wow can't believe how easy it is, will be looking to get another in 6 months. This is so much fun and there is nothing to have to do to the place and a tenant is ready to move in. Feel like it couldn't be better, very happy thank you so very much... 

Raewyn W

First time investor

I just wanted to say thank you for all your assistance in investigating and providing information on property investment opportunities.  Being a very busy woman it makes it difficult to take out time to talk to Council's to obtain background info such as zonings, dual occupancy requirements and land/building constraints.   It is great having you there on the end of the phone, available to call to do the running around.   

Tania H

Busy Investor

Hope you find these articles interesting and thought provoking.  You'll find more over on the Blog page.

There are people who want to be helped and there are people who don’t. That’s just the way it is. I totally get that.  I can’t help everyone to OWN IT, because Not Everyone Wants To Be Helped. Some people are content drowning in their own misery and staying put in a life that they don’t really own. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Everyone’s different. It’s a simple fact of life that it’s easier to have an average, boring life devoid of purpose and passion than it is to create a wonderful life that’s extraordinary, inspiring and meaningful. One

Today’s post is inspired by a friend’s comment on facebook about not needing a soul mate or relying on chemistry to build a relationship.  She is glad that she was chosen by her husband, that he didn’t have some irresistible, chemical urge to have to have her, but that he made a conscious decision to pursue her and that therefore they both work hard to keep what they’ve got.  They feel they have earned their relationship, not that it’s ‘meant to be’. I know, I know, you’re already thinking I’m on the wrong page.. What does the lack of

You’ve got your pre-approval, now the fear really sets in…or does it? Don’t be scared.  Make informed, calculated decisions and be proud of your progress.  Seek support for the questions you need answered, find yourself a mentor, a professional or a supportive, experienced friend, who has had success with property. There are so many different ways to make money with property.  The specific details of the property you should buy will vary hugely, depending on many, various factors.  You can renovate structurally or cosmetically and sell, renovate and rent, rent and hold or any combination of these.  You can

Why choose to work with me, over any other Buyers Agent?  

Apart from my 20+ years of relevant industry experience, my knowledge of the property market, various agency contacts and my own investment portfolio, what makes me different is my complementary background in psychology and my ability to guide you to see the bigger picture and make the best decisions, in line with that. 

From experience, I know It all comes down to confidence and communication. I will be sure to understand your current position and needs, communicate my progress and educate you about my research and findings. I will update you using your preferred method of contact and be available to support you through the decision making process.

I can customise a package to suit your needs, your experience and your budget and am proud to say that I generally save my clients a lot more money than I charge as my fee!

Ask me to design the perfect Buyers Agent package for YOU. Full Service Packages start from $8,000. Single Property Reports from $500 and individual phone consultations are also one of my favourite ways to support property buyers.

I can help you from start to finish so you don’t have to think about the whole, involved process or perhaps you just want my independent opinion on a proposed purchase. Whichever option you choose, I’m here to protect you from dodgy agents, from schemes which are usually too good to be true and from dreams which might never match reality.

Let’s Chat. You can enter your details above or call me on 0418 864 435. We can make sure we’re a good fit and see how I can best help you.


Oh, and just in case you think it's important, I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree, majoring in Sociology and Communication with a minor in Psych.  I love psychology, especially women's psychology and am a qualified Counsellor.

Besides property, my other passion is helping women to ditch years of negative emotions, painlessly and easily. Property and psychology actually work really well together and I love teaching the constantly overlooked connection between the way our thoughts and emotions influence our lifestyle and abundance.

I'm also a lover of gin and our beach house at Callala Beach in beautiful Jervis Bay. Together with my husband and 2 kids, I'm enjoying an amazing life of fun times, travel and adventure.

And... I have some pretty awesome clients. Some might know me via my other brand - Tonia Krebs and Co. That's where you'll find me on the socials

Tonia Krebs
Buyers Agent and Property Coach
PO Box 252, Moss Vale  NSW  2577
0418 864 435

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