Today’s post is inspired by a friend’s comment on facebook about not needing a soul mate or relying on chemistry to build a relationship.  She is glad that she was chosen by her husband, that he didn’t have some irresistible, chemical urge to have to have her, but that he made a conscious decision to pursue her and that therefore they both work hard to keep what they’ve got.  They feel they have earned their relationship, not that it’s ‘meant to be’.

I know, I know, you’re already thinking I’m on the wrong page.. What does the lack of a soul mate have to do with property.  Of course it has everything to do with property.

How often have you said (or heard others say)” I love the house, it’s so me, I just have to have it. It’s like it was made for me and if I could have it, all my dreams would come true”?

OK, so that might be a slight exaggeration.  But you know what I mean. 

My message here is that real estate, whether it’s your family home or an investment property designed to help you create wealth, is not a must have at all costs commodity, with some kind of intrinsic chemical link to your bank account.  It’s a massive financial commitment which should be carefully considered.  It should be understood for what it is and it should be yours because you made a rational, practical decision to buy the best property to suit your individual circumstances.

Of course when you’re choosing your own family home you will have some kind of emotional attachment to the place.  You want it to feel like a home, and so it should be.  If it isn’t already suitable in its current state, then you need to be confident you can make it a home where you will feel safe, secure and comfortable.

If however you are choosing an investment property, then you must leave all these feelings at home – (the nice warm fuzzy home).  Look at your options in a factual manner.  Weigh up the statistics of the area, the property and the demographic.  Look at the figures and how owning that property will bring you closer to your financial goals and ultimately create you wealth.  If you buy the ‘love at first sight’ property as an investment, chances are you will have been blinded by the fake personality, or the false smile or the perfect figure and you guessed it – that doesn’t always end well!

When you want to buy a property that is the right one for you, for the long haul;  One you know you will be proud to own;  One that will work for you, not against you and one you really feel you deserve, then don’t wait for all the starts to align so that you make a one off connection and it feels perfectly dreamy.  Go out, do your research, compare your options and choose the right one.  You will be rewarded!  Just like my friend.

About the Author

Tonia Krebs

Southern Highlands Buyers Agent servicing areas north to Liverpool and South to Queanbeyan and Young. Having started my career in property in 1998, I am the most experienced Buyers Agent in the Highlands and would love to help you buy your next property in the Southern Highlands area. While I specialise in purchasing investment properties, I am well placed to purchase any property in our area, whether it's a family home, holiday home or rural property.

When I'm not inspecting properties, you'll find me hanging out at the gym, at one of our fabulous local restaurants with beautiful friends or at my beach house in the stunning Jervis Bay.

I love people + property. Let's connect. ♥

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