If you’re in the market to buy a home or investment property, it’s becoming more and more common to have a Buyers Agent on your side, working for YOU. A Buyers Agent can help you navigate the real estate market, find the right property, and negotiate the best deal for you. But how do you find a Buyers Agent near you? Let’s explore some tips for finding a Buyers Agent in your area.

Ask for Referrals
One of the best ways to find a Buyers Agent is to ask for referrals from friends, family, or coworkers who have recently purchased a property. Ask them about their experience with their Buyers Agent, and if they would recommend them. This can be a great starting point for your search.

Check Online Reviews
Another way to find a Buyers Agent near you is to check online reviews. You can see my 5 star 🌟reviews here .

Look for agents who have high ratings and positive reviews from past clients. The Buyers Agent you choose should have a background in property and they definitely should not be affiliated directly with any sales agents. Of course we all know each other and I have great relationships with many real estate agents, but I don’t receive a commission from them, work in the same office as them or have anything to gain by choosing to buy from one agent, over another.

Interview Potential Agents
Once you’ve identified a few potential Buyers Agents, give them a call to learn more about their experience and approach. Ask about their communication style, their knowledge of the local market, and their experience working with buyers in your price range. You want to find an agent who is a good fit for your needs and preferences. There’s no point engaging someone to buy you an investment property if they have no idea what makes a great investment in your chosen area, if they’ve never had anything to do with tenants or rental properties.

Check out their FAQ section

You can see mine here. By looking into what they think is important, you’ll get a good feel for their values and buying principles. If you have an aligment of values, then you’re one step closer to making a good choice.

Trust Your Gut
Ultimately, finding the right Buyers Agent is about finding someone you trust and feel comfortable working with. Pay attention to your gut instincts when meeting with potential agents, and choose someone who you feel confident will represent your interests and help you find your dream home.

Finding a Buyers Agent near you requires some research and effort, but it’s worth it to have an experienced professional on your side when buying a property. After all, it’s a pretty significant expense, so you want to do everything you can to buy well, with as little stress as possible! Use referrals, online reviews, and your own research to find potential agents, and take the time to chat with them until you find the right fit. Happy house hunting!

About the Author

Tonia Krebs

Southern Highlands Buyers Agent servicing areas north to Liverpool and South to Queanbeyan and Young. Having started my career in property in 1998, I am the most experienced Buyers Agent in the Highlands and would love to help you buy your next property in the Southern Highlands area. While I specialise in purchasing investment properties, I am well placed to purchase any property in our area, whether it's a family home, holiday home or rural property.

When I'm not inspecting properties, you'll find me hanging out at the gym, at one of our fabulous local restaurants with beautiful friends or at my beach house in the stunning Jervis Bay.

I love people + property. Let's connect. ♥

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