Full Service Investment Property Purchase

From start to finish, I will find you a great investment property, suited to your own goals.

Southern Highlands Investment Property

You know that property's the best way to improve your long term wealth and you're keen to get into the market but you don't have the time, the energy or even the knowledge to begin your search. 

As a Property Manager I saw so many properties that should never have been rentals.  Never!  It leads to all sorts of nightmares that you just don't need.  There's some basic principles that, if you get right, will serve you very well for years to come.  Get them wrong and no doubt you'll have more headaches and less money!

Let me help you eliminate that stress by buying right.

Buying the right investment property is a great way to establish your financial future.

When buying property as an investment, we need to think with our head and not our hearts.  That can be difficult for some, but it's certainly not impossible, especially with the right guidance and support. 

Do you know the type of property that's the easiest to rent?

Do you know the most popular price range for tenants?

Do you know what current market drivers are impacting rental demand?

Do you have a clear picture of long term market trends for rentals in your chosen area?

Do you understand anticipated returns, can you forecast income and expenses and ultimately profit?

Do you know who to trust to manage your valuable asset for you?

Are you aware of your rights and obligations as a Landlord?

Don't worry, I will help you with all of that, in simple terms, and make it easy for you to understand, not just the details but to appreciate why they're important. 

We've all seen the horror stories in the news about nightmare tenants.  Thankfully, there are ways to protect yourself from such sad stories and it generally starts with buying the right property for the right market and then having a professional to manage it for you. 

Getting it right in the beginning will go a long way to ensuring a stress free and profitable investment.  That's what we all want, right?

  • We'll discuss your property goals.  You might already have a defined plan, but if not, we can work on that together. 
  • I'll use my industry contacts to find suitable investment properties, whether they're already listed or are coming up soon.  
  • I'll inspect and decide on a shortlist of properties. I'll then prepare a detailed report on each of the shortlisted properties, including all relevant data and my 21 Point Investment Property Checklist. 
  • You'll receive a shortlist of homes that have been thoroughly researched to ensure they meet your criteria.  I'll note any deviations from your goals, highlight any issues, making suitable recommendations and give you my professional opinion on the suitability of each property for YOU.  100% independent, no BS. 
  • We'll discuss your shortlist, I'll help you decide which properties to inspect (it might be just one or it could be 2 or 3) and then we'll further discuss our offer strategy and budget parameters. 
  • I'll negotiate on your behalf, always communicating with you along the way and liaise between the selling agent, you and your conveyancer or solicitor to keep the transaction running smoothly.  I'm always on YOUR side.
  • All necessary inspections will be arranged through my network of contacts and I'll guide you in choosing the best Property Manager. 
  • I will conduct the final, pre-settlement inspection for you and make sure everything's in order for a trouble free tenancy.  

Call Tonia now on 0418 864 435 to discuss the right option for you.