Independent Property Advice

Ask me anything!  Buying, selling, tenants, landlords, tribunal, agents, market, strategy - Anything, and I will help you make the safest, informed decisions with your best interests in mind at all times.

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Whether you're buying or selling, you're going to be dealing with Real Estate Agents and sometimes that can be overwhelming.  You don't know what to ask them, you don't want to seem stupid by asking the wrong questions but you know you don't know what you don't know... and that's scary!  What if you sign something you don't understand?  What if you're locked into a deal you don't feel comfortable with?  What if you're paying too much or not being told the real truth about the market?

I will help you eliminate the "What Ifs"

Maybe you're thinking of selling (whether you're buying too, or not) and you need advice on how to choose the right agent, understanding agent jargon and deciphering the legalities of the paperwork they want you to sign.

Maybe you've found a property to buy and you just need some independent advice to see if it stacks up to your expectations. A neutral opinion from someone who actually understands property. ie. Not your friends!

Maybe you have an investment strategy in mind but you'd like to talk it over to make sure you're not dreaming and your idea is achievable. 

Maybe you've got a problem tenant and you want to check the advice you're getting from your agent is correct. 

  • We'll discuss what you're trying to achieve.  Buying, selling, tenants, landlords, tribunal, agents, market, strategy - Any queries you have relating to property, I will help you.    
  • I'll use my lengthy and varied real estate experience to guide you to break down the overwhelm, understand your options and solve the problem.
  • I'll support you to be confident in your decisions about agents, properties, tenants or strategy. 
  • We'll formulate the best way forward for your own situation - whether that's you doing the work or me helping you further. 
  • You'll feel understood and informed, make decisions easily and calmly and achieve great outcomes for you and your family.